Parking Lot - KAZOO App for Monster UI

Parking Lot Monster UI App for 2600Hz KAZOO

Parking Lot

Parking Lot is a new app I just released for the Monster UI interface running on top of a 2600Hz KAZOO telephone system instance. It is an HTML5/Javascript application that lets you view and manage parked calls on your KAZOO account.

The app shows a graphical display of currently parked calls on the system, with caller information, and the slot where the call is parked. You can retrieve a call by simply clicking on the caller, or the indicator panel of the parked call. Your phone will ring, and you will be automatically connected with the parked caller.

When you rest on a particular parked call, the user who parked the call is shown. If you need to speak with them before picking up a parked call, you have the option of clicking the shown information, which will initiate a connection to the device from which they parked that call.

The application is available at GitHub: HERE

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