Switchboard - KAZOO App for Monster UI

Switchboard MonsterUI App for 2600Hz Kazoo


Switchboard is a new app I just released for the Monster UI interface running on top of a 2600Hz KAZOO UCaaS telephone system instance. It is an HTML5/Javascript application that lets you view [and manage, with Pro version] real-time calls status on your KAZOO account.

The app shows a graphical display of currently registered devices on the system, with owner information, call status, remote caller/callee information, current extension, and hotdesked extension[s]. Ringing, idle, in-call, hold states are all indicated, and updated in real time, via websockets. When a call is answered, a timer appears and begins counting, showing the talk-time.

Crossbar APIs such as the Channels API are initially queried when the app first opens, in order to get the registered devices on the account and set their current visual state.

An activity log shows a list of events as they happen, with timestamps, for later review. If you don't want to view it, the activity log can be collapsed to allow more room on the screen for devices.

The Pro version adds additional capabilities, like an operator console, including the ability to:

  • answer ringing calls
  • pickup other phones' ringing calls
  • transfer
  • park
  • parked calls appear in real time in a separate section below the devices

The Lite version of the application is available on GitHub: HERE

Contact Me for information on purchasing the Pro version with the additional features.

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