Nebulizer: Certificate Generation at Scale for Slack Nebula Overlay Network Made Easy

Nebula Network

Slack Nebula is an overlay network. Basically an on-demand VPN mesh system, Nebula allows hosts in different networks and locations to auto-create encrypted communication channels between each other. A virtual interface is provided to the operating system, and a unique IP address. Once communication has been established, the nodes see each other as being on the same LAN.

New Developers: Why You Should Learn Go as your Second Programming Language

Learn Golang

Whether you have made your start with an entry-level language like Python, Ruby, PHP, or Javascript, or a "real" language like C, or [gasp] Java, there are some compelling reasons why you should consider Go as your second language.

Many developers who have started with a common entry-level language automatically look to the most popular options for their second language; options like C++, Java, C# (ewww), Swift, or Rust. While every situation is different, in most cases, those are not the best choices.

The following are some good points why I believe you should learn Go: